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Learn How to Grow Your Website

Owning a website can be very rewarding, but it can also be very frustrating trying to get it to the point of being rewarding. However, with a little time and work it can be the most profitable investment you can make as you grow your customer base.

Driving Traffic

Think of a website as opening a new brick & morter store. If you build your store on an empty piece of land and no one knows it even exists you may get an occasional visitor that was driving by, but your parking lot will be empty most of the time. To change that you need to do some marketing to let people know you are there.

We handle all the organic SEO for you for free which will definitely drive traffic your way as you will be found when potential customers do various searches, However, if your finances will allow it you will really benefit from some targeted marketing, this means you are advertising directly to customers looking for a specific product or type of product. You can have one marketing campaign going, or you can have several marketing campaigns going at any given time.

It is not enough to just let customers know you are there, you also have to give them a reason to come in, below are a list of examples to give you an idea, and maybe you can come up with your own unique ones. When you are competing with so many other options out there you really need to have something that stands you a part from everyone else.

1. You are giving a free gift with the purchase of something (you can even use "To the first X customers").
2. You have put together a bundle of products that a customer can buy cheaper from you as a bundle instead of having to buy it piece by piece everywhere else.
3. You put a product out there on sale at cost or even below cost with the purchase of another product, so when the customer buys them both together you are making a profit overall.
4. Sell a loss leader, which means advertise a product below your cost to drive traffic and win customer loyalty, then try to upsell other products when they are on your site.

Once you have your promotion idea, it is time to get the word out there about it. To do that we recommend using the paid marketing options offered by Google , Facebook and other Social sites.

Lets face it, no single television station gets the amount of traffic that Google or Facebook gets each day, and television costs a lot more. So we recommend to start with Google, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc. Remember, there is no such thing as too much marketing.

If this is new to you, then to do this successfully you should probably hire a marketing company to help you, or you can hire us to manage your marketing campaigns for you. If you are interested in learning about our services, click the "Get Support" button found on your Access Page.

Your Customers

Many business owners think that all they need to do is get some customers to visit their website and then they will be able to retire by Friday. Unfortunately this is not the case, once you get the customers to your website you still have to convert them into paying customers, and if you want to grow your group of paying customers you need to keep them coming back over and over.

You will find that when customers find a company they really like or feel comfortable with they will stay loyal to that company even if that means they pay more for a product. So the first thing you want to do is make sure your customers feel at home with your company, and that you are willing to bend over backwards to help that customer have a welcoming experience.

Never take a customer for granted, you never know who it is that is buying from you, it may be someone with a very large group of followers that can send huge amounts of customers your way if they are impressed with your company which would make your business an instant success.


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