Dropship Town Terms and Conditions

We didn't want to bore you with a long page of Terms, so we kept it simple.

It is free to join our website, we do not have any restrictions. However, if we feel that your account is being used for fraudulant activity or may cause disruption to our site/services we reserve the right to suspend access to our site and/or services at any time at our sole discretion.

Our titles, descriptions and photos
You may use any product information such as images, pictures, descriptions, product details etc for the purpose of reselling the products online.

Our Subscriptions
From time to time our system may go down for scheduled short periods of time to update, or release new tools. We are not responsible for down time (lack of access) during these upgrades.

Our Feeds and Tools
We relay information and data provided by our integrated suppliers. Although we have several safe guards in place, we are not responsible for incorrect data that is provided to us by the supplier. if you report incorrect data to us we will reach out to the supplier to try and get it updated.

Order changes and cancellations
When you place an order on our website www.dropshiptown.com make sure your order is ready to be shipped and that you provide accurate information. We are unable to cancel or modify an order once it has been placed on our website since it is sent straight to the supplier. If the package has to be recalled there is a $20 Intercept Request fee, return shipping charges and possible restocking fee charged by the supplier.

Our Suppliers
We screen all of our suppliers to make sure they are ethical and a direct supplier. All suppliers on our website will dropship and are either a direct wholesaler, liquidator, distributor, manufacturer etc. Any problems or disputes that you have with a supplier that you feel wasn't settled fairly please report to Dropship Town and we will investigate and take appropriate action.

MAP Pricing
Some of the products offered on our website have a MAP Price set by the supplier. When you utilize our feeds and tools to dropship, you agree that you will adhere to the manufactures MAP price. You may advertise your products for a price that is higher than MAP, but not lower than MAP.  On all of our products in the Additional Info tab, you will find the MAP price for each item. If the price is $0.00 there is no MAP set and you may sell the products for whatever price you choose.

When using our tools and feeds make sure to follow the instructions on each regarding MAP pricing and our tools and feeds will keep your products from violating MAP policies.

Financial Loss
While we do everything we can to keep you from incurring financial loss, it can happen when you are in business. Unfortunately we cannot be responsible for financial loss due to any of the following

Incorrect information provided by supplier(s)
If you adjust price or other settings outside or inside of our tools that cause your products to sell at a loss
Technical errors
If we are provided incorrect order information
Late shipments
Suspended Selling Account(s) (ie, ebay, amazon etc)

Credit Balance
You are able to purchase credits on our website to save yourself fees, use our automated ordering system among other benefits. This is not a revolving account, so there is no option to withdrawl credits from your account. The credits never expire and can be used towards the purchase(s) of any product(s) on our website. Credits cannot be used to purchase or pay for subscriptions. You will be able to check your credit balace on our website from your account dashboard at any time as well as review a line by line transaction history for your credits to see what orders your credits were applied to. 

If your account is closed for any reason you may request Dropship Town to mail a check for the remainder balance of your credit balance 30 days after the account close date up to 1 year after the account closure date.  A $10.00 processing fee for all credit balance transfers will apply.

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