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Seaguar 101 TactX 20TCX300 Braid w Fluoro Leader 300 Yds

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Seaguar 101 TactX 20TCX300 Braid with Fluoro Leader is engineererd to maintain its perfectly round shape and stay firm to minimize rod tip wrapping and wind knots. This is an all-around braid that combines excellent castaability, abrasion resistance and overall straength with a pebble texture to add durability and help it cut through vegitation. It includes a 5 yard Flourocarbon leader.

4-Strand Camo Braid

Engineered to stay round and firm

Packs Tightly on Reel

Pebble Texture to add durability

5 Yard flouro Leader Included

100 Percent Flourocarbon Line

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SKU MNA-1132091
Manufacturer Seaguar