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We built our Ready2Launch Websites, with everyone from new to experienced drop shippers in mind. We are very well in tune with the needs of today, and the available options out there. We are confident our websites will out perform our competition, and provide all the features of the top website providers.

We also went a step further and added many extra features of our own that you will not find anywhere else, best of all you get all this included in our Ultimate Plan without being charged a fortune for each extra feature that we know you are going to need to properly run your website (this is a tactic many website providers use and can easily run thousands and thousands of dollars to get a properly setup website).

As an Ultimate Plan subscriber with Dropship Town you will receive all of the following with no additional fees:

A fully functional website
Our Ready2Launch websites are custom built on the latest version of Magento 2, which means you are getting the latest in internet security, protocols, compatibility etc as well as periodic updates. Your website will come fully built and hosted by us so that you can be up and running in less than 24 hours.

Compatible with Marketplace Extensions
Although your website already comes loaded with tons of features (described below), since it is the latest version of Magento 2 it is also compatible with all Magento extensions rated for Magento version 2.4 or higher. You can buy/download from anywhere that offers Magento extensions or you can buy/download directly from the Magento Marketplace

Installation of Extensions We charge a flat $35 install fee per extension you want installed (if we are unable to install your extension you will not be charged). This charge includes the following:

1. We scan the code for anything malicious, as well as code that would break your website and update accordingly.
2. We install a dev version (backup copy) of your website on our dev server and install the extension.
3. We do a full compatibility diagnostics to make sure that everything works correctly and it doesn't break/compromise your website.
4. Determine if any dependency packages need to be installed on the server for your extension to work and install/configure the package(s).

Customization Services Available
Some of you may want/need further customization to work with your business model. We can custom build anything you need, we charge $35/hr for customization service. If you find you need this service, contact us with details of your project and we will provide you with a quote.

Full Security
We provide an SSL certificate as well as all the latest encryption updates and patches to keep your website running and secure as well as making sure you stay PCI compliant.

A free domain name
Example: or you can bring your own domain.

A business class email address
This will help ensure your emails make it to your customers inbox vs using a consumer email like gmail, yahoo, msn etc.

Setup Wizard
When you get a website from us our setup wizard will make it very simple to get up and running. In fact, many of our customers are setup and accepting orders the same day. There is no coding knowledge required.

Automated Inventory
Your website will automatically be loaded with all the products from each of the warehouses you activate. You can choose to disable any of the products or allow them all. Your inventory will be dynamically updated all day every day. Your website pricing will automatically be determined by your settings during the warehouse activation step.

Unlimited Customers, Products and Orders
Unlike many other website providers we do not limit how much business you can do. You can have as much traffic or as many orders as you would like. On top of all the products from us that you can add to your website and sell, you can also add your own and/or products from other suppliers.

Theme Switcher (Design and Niche)
We created a theme switcher to that at a click of a button you can go from an electronics website to a fragrance website in just a couple of seconds without having to reenter all the setup data again, or losing any company, order, customer, product etc information. You can switch themes and niches as many times as you want. As we add new themes and niches you will also be able to switch to those as well.

Affiliate Program (Marketing)
To help you spread the word of your website, we added your own affiliate program. This will auto generate links and banners your customers can use to post on their social media, blogs, emails, websites etc to help drive traffic to your website. When someone buys something after clicking one of those links you will pay them a commission for sending you the sale. The settings are completely customizable including the option to enable to disable it entirely. By default we have it enabled with the following settings.

1% commission paid only after order is 30 days old (after 30 days the return period will have expired) Affiliates can only request payment once they have $100 or more in their account.

Organic SEO (Marketing)
We know you want to be found on google, bing, yahoo etc, so we already setup all the technical stuff, mapped the product data so the search engines know exactly how to read your website. This includes

Cross Link Management
Url Rewrites
Custom Sitemaps (XML and HTML)
Meta data for pages, categories, products and more
Search integration with google
Rich Data
And More...

Intelligent Search (User Experience)
Your search will learn over time and get faster and smarter. It is designed so that the most relevent results are shown first, products with the steepest discount next, then the most purchased, most viewed etc. This has also been integrated with Google search so that your most searched queries are also getting indexed dynamically on Google.

Daily Deals (Promotional)
Every Day your website will automatically calculate the products that had a price drop that day and put them on a 24 hour sale, this will automatically create daily deals with countdown timers. There will be daily deals presented on the home page of your website, as well as a separate page to browse more daily deals related to the theme/niche you install.

Bundles (Promotional)
This is a favorite. With this, you can create as many bundles as you would like with any combinations of products you can come up with. What makes this so special, is it allows you to create a unique product that only you offer. For example, lets say you had are selling camping gear. You could easily build a bundle of a tent, first aid kit, lantern, camp stove, fishing poles and a tackle box. This you would give your customer a discount if they buy all the items together. The possibilities are unlimited.

Follow Up Email (Marketing)
With this you can set automated times emails to send out to your customer. As a business it is very important to communicate with your customers. You can create as many emails for as many actions as you would like. For example:

1. Customer registers, you can set it up to send out a custom welcome email as soon as the customer registers, and then send a follow up email 14, 30, 60 days later. You can also set a rule to cancel the additional emails if your customer has been making purchases on your website.

2. Customer makes a purchase of any product or a specific product. An example would be a customer buys a new printer from you, you can set this to send out an email in XX days to offer a replacement toner cartridge for it at a discount with a coupon code.

3. Offer holiday deals, for example you can set an email to send on Thanksgiving Day to offer deals, specials or events for for the Christmas Shopping Season.

Reward Points (Marketing & Customer Engagement)
This gives your customer the ability to earn rewards for signing up on your website, buying products, leaving reviews etc). Your customers can then use the reward points towards their purchases on your website. You can create an unlimited number of rules, this is fully customizable and able to be disabled. By default we have it enabled, and we have reward points values as $0.01 each (100 reward points = $1.00) You can adjust the value of each reward point to anything you would like.

RMA System (Return Management)
This allows your customers to easily report a problem with their order directly on your website, and allows you to easily keep up with your customers returns and allows you to always know what step each return is on for easy management. You will also be able to see if there are specific products that are returned more than others. With this data you can keep your returns minimal by blocking products that cause the most grief.

Payment Methods (User Experience)
We offer many options for you to get paid. Your website is already setup to work with any of the following:

Paypal (Express or Pro)
Amazon Pay
Reward Points
Gift Cards

Live Chat by (User Experience)
This is a free comprehensive Live Chat. It is the same one we use on Dropship Town. It allows you to know there is someone on the other end ready to help them. It can mean the difference between them hitting the red X on their browser, or hitting the Buy Now button on your website.

Comprehensive Reports
Your website will provide comprehensive reports for scores of things to let you know how every aspect of your site is going from orders, searches, traffic, products, customers, rewards and much more. These reports will help you make decisions going forward as you will be able to see what is working and what is not.

Other Misc Features
If we wrote about everything we did to make our websites stand out this page would just get too long. There are many other things we did with the websites that will help with customer experience and engagement, such as:

Layered Navigation
Streamlined Checkout process
Custom Contact Us page
Coupon Codes
Custom Pages
Social Integrations (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube etc)