What is MAP Price?

Larry Collins posted this on Dec 30, 2018

MAP price stand for "Minimum Advertised Price" and it is set by the manufacturer, which means you can't advertise the product to the public for less than what the MAP Price is set. Only a small percentage of our products will have a MAP Price set.

You can always sell higher than MAP, but never lower. Sometimes you will find you need to sell higher, maybe cost is 1.99 and MAP is 2.99, you won't be able to sell it on a marketplace for 2.99, pay the marketplace fees, ship the item and still make a profit, so in this case the item will be priced higher than MAP.

All of our tools will make sure you follow MAP Pricing if a MAP Price was set by the manufacturer. If you get caught selling for less than MAP you may just get a warning the first time or two, but after that the manufacturer will add you to their "Do not sell" list for their brand and if that happens there isn't a distributor, manufacturer or wholesaler in the country that will sell that brand to you or else they can get restricted from selling the brand also.

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