What are your product conditions?

Larry Collins posted this on Apr 24, 2019

While the biggest majority of our products are all brand new and sealed, we do sell other products with various conditions.

To find out exactly what condition a specific product is you have two ways to find out, you can pull the product up on our website using the search box or our product lookup tool. Once you click on the product you will scroll under the Description (details) section, and you will find the Additional Information section. There you will find a field for the condition and another for the condition description.

Alternatively, if you download our CSV file, you will find columns with the condition and condition description.

Also, if you use any of our automation tools or feeds, the condition and condition description will be passed over to where you are selling automatically.

While the condition will tell you the general description about an item, the condition description will tell you detailed info about the condition of that specific product.

Below is a list of the conditions you might expect to find on our website.

Brand New
These items are brand new and sealed in the original retail box. The return rate is generally about a half a percent 0.05%

New, Open Box
These are usually from canceled orders that were never shipped, or they were returned within 7 days of purchase as an unwanted return. The return rate is generally around 2%.

Example, is customer orders 50 laptops with their own custom software installed directly from the factory, then they decide to cancel the order. Each of those laptop boxes have to be opened up so that the computer can be reset back to the factory software and operating system. At this point it is considered new, open box. Generally these will still include the full factory warranty.

Class A Refurbished
This is the cleanest version of a refurbished product you can buy, no scratches or cracks, item is packaged just like it was when it was new with all the packing materials. These are purchased at a fraction of the price of a brand new one, and the return rate is generally around 3%.

Class B Refurbished
There are a lot of sellers out there that sell what we class as Class B, as Class A. Our Class B products are still in really good condition, but will probably have some minor scratches. No cracks, and no deep scratches, and if the product has a screen there won't be any scratches on the screen. The return rate is generally around 4%.

Class C Refurbished
The prices on these are good but the condition would be comparable to a heavily used item. There may be deep scratches, or even cracks in the casing. However, the product has been fully tested to function and perform according to manufacturer specifications. The return rate is generally around 5%.

Used items can be all over the place, some of them may be gently used, while others can be heavily used, but they have been tested to operated and function within manufacturer specifications. The return rate is generally around 5%.

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