How do I place an order?

Larry Collins posted this on Dec 30, 2018

We have three options for placing orders with us.

1. Using our automated system via our eBay, Amazon tool or Ready2Launch Websites.

2. Manually on our website.

3. Uploading a CSV file to our FTP

Automated System

To use the automated system you will need to have enough credits on your account to cover the total of your order. To purchase credits for your account you can go to your Dropship Town account dashboard (click My Account next to our logo). Once on your dashboard clcik on My Credit on the left to view your balance. If you need to add credits click the Click Here to Add Credits, or Learn How button.

If you do not wish to add credits, you may skip below to the Manually section. 

Fully Automated
On (Your Marketplace) Manager Settings (located on your access page), if you set "Fully Automated Ordering" to "Yes" your orders will process automatically with no action needed from you. 

Partially Automated with Manual Approval via this Tool
This option requires you to have enough credits on your account to cover your order. If you do not you can purchase credits on our website by clicking on "My Credit" at the top of your website on from your account dashboard. If you have any questions about this please contact us at for more details. You can always check your credit balance by visiting your Dropship Town account dashboard and click on "My Credit" on the left.

Once you have enough credits on your account you will hover your mouse over "Sales" and when the menu drops down select "Orders".

Once you are on your orders grid you will see there is a check box on the left side of each order on your grid. Once you have verified your order(s), you will check the box next to each order you are ready to process.

Once you have the orders selected look at the top right of your orders grid and it will say "Actions" with a dropdown. From the dropdown menu select "Change Status", a new dropdown will appear.

You have two statuses you can change to

Approved Without Return Protection
If something goes wrong with your order it will be your responsibility to make sure the package is returned to the address you are provided when you request an RMA number.

Approved With Return Protection
If you choose this option you are charged $4.50 per item, but if your customer requests to return an item for any reason (within the return period) we will send you a prepaid shipping label to return the item. 

Once you have selected your desired status, click the orange "Submit" button on the right.

That's it. In about 5-10 minutes our system will come by to pick up and process the order(s). During this time our system will change the status of your order(s) to "Awaiting Shipment". When we auto upload tracking it will change your order status to "Complete". 

Manually Via Our Website

If you are paying with Credit Card
First, you will want to get the SKU of the item you just sold. On the menu above you will hover your mouse over "Sales" and when the menu drops down select "Orders". When the page loads click on the order you want to process. About 3/4 of the way down the page you will see the title of the item your customer just purchased. Directly under the title you will find the SKU.

You will copy the SKU and paste it into our search box on which will pull up the item you just sold. Click the Buy Now button and proceed to checkout.

At checkout when asked you will make sure your billing info matches your information, and for the shipping address enter in your customers address, next you will choose the shipping method your customer chose (ie ground, next day air etc), and finally you will select how you will pay for the order.


If you are uploading a CSV file
If you have a paid subscription or are using our free trial, navigate to your Dropship Town account dashboard, and click on Access EDI in the Tools section. Once there you will find complete instructions for uploading orders using a CSV file via our FTP.

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