How do I detemine shipping cost?

Larry Collins posted this on Dec 30, 2018

We determine shipping cost for you if you are using any of our tools, we add the shipping cost to the selling price so your customers always see free shipping. But when you checkout with us or the supplier you will generally see shipping cost as a separate line item

We have all different shipping costs for our products. Some of them have free shipping, others have flat rate or calculated shipping. We have a couple of different ways for you to determine shipping costs on our products.

Option 1
When viewing a product on our website, if you scroll under the description to a section called Additional Information, in this section will contain a field called Shipping Costs that will give you the exact amount of shipping cost.

Option 2
On your Dropship Town account dashboard (click My Account at the top of any page on our website) you will look for My Active Suppliers at the top of your dashboard. On any of your Active suppliers click the "Manage Supplier" button and scroll down to the bottom and you will see a download CSV button, this will download a CSV file for that supplier that contains pricing, shipping cost, product details etc.

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