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Hyskore X-Ring Plus Precision Shooting Rest

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SKU: MNA-1006929
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The Hyskore X-Ring Plus Precision Shooting Rest allows the shooter to precisely adjust windage within a range of 150 M.O.A. and elevation up to 150 M.O.A. Both adjustments can comfortably be made from the rear of the rest without changing position. Windage control is ambidextrous, while the twin helix elevation operates easily with one hand. By turning the knobs in one direction, the gun is elevated, and by turning it in the other, it is depressed. The rest features 4 point leveling. Each leveler is a full 12mm diameter and HRC 65 hard. They are ground to a 135 degree point so that they securely grip most shooting surfaces. In situations when the rest needs to be placed on a delicate surface, it is equipped with protective rubber feet that fit over the points on the elevation jacks. In addition, each jack is equipped with a locking collar to securely hold it in place. Another key feature of the rest is adjustment security. By virtue of the fact that the elevation is a screw mechanism where the stress is opposed to the thread pitch, once an adjustment is made, there is no creep or drift. It positively stays in place until changed by the shooter. The rest is factory equipped with both front and rear filled leather rest bags.
Additional Info
UPC Code 053807302716
Package Includes Hyskore X-Ring Plus Precision Shooting Rest
Condition Brand New
Condition Description This item is brand new, unopened and sealed in its original factory box.
Model Number 1006929
MPN 30271
Warranty 1 Year Warranty
Return Policy This item is non-returnable once it has been opened and must be returned directly to the manufacturer for warranty repair/replacement. The only exception is if it arrives defective or damaged and reported within 7 days of delivery, then it can only be returned for a replacement only.
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Package Height (inches) 7.75
Package Length (inches) 22.25
Package Width (inches) 12.25
Weight (lbs) 15.2068
Ship From Zip Code 63026
Shipping Cost $28.57
Blocked for Marketplaces No
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