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Guard Dog Titan Metal Baton

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Often attempted, yet never perfected, the metal baton stun gun has finally been engineered in a type III aluminum, aircraft grade body. With a firm grip handle, the Titan transforms into an 18.5 in heavy-duty clubber and emergency glass breaker. With a quick slide, the Guard Dog Titan shines a blinding 260 lumens tactical flashlight with three light functions: blinding high, battery conservation low, and emergency strobe. The far-reaching, and concentrated, light allows for everyday use or as a defense device in the event of an emergency. The Titans front end boasts Guard Dogs exclusive Concealed Inner Stun Technology. With no visible probes, the stuns emit a loud electrifying shock with the push of a button. The shockproof body allows for durability and longevity while the wall charger permits flexibility in recharging capabilities. Whether youre on guard or just using the Titan as a personal safety device, youre in good hands with the industry-exclusive Guard Dog baton, tactical flashlight, and a concealed stun gun.

This flashlight, nightstick and concealed, powerful stun gun has an 18.75 inch reach, and maximum strength.

260 lumens of pure, white light to blind an attacker and effectively illuminate the darkest corners

Made with type III aircraft grade aluminum alloy, this personal defense weapons body is the toughest in the world, complete with glass breaker

Switch to prevent accidental discharge, and keep the unit safe from children and unintended use

Warning: This product contains Nickel Metal Hydride which is known to the state of California to cause Cancer and Reprodu