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We can't even come close to telling you about all the latest, cutting edge features our site can offer your drop shipping business without having you reading here for hours. This is why we offer a free trial so you can decide for yourself. Below you can get a quick overview of some of the great features.

Unlimited Access to Our Warehouses
You will get access to all our warehouses. You will have the ability to turn any suppliers On or Off so that you control what products you have access to.

Unlimited Channel Integrations
You will get access to all of our automated marketplace & channel integration tools such as eBay, Amazon, Bonanza, Shopify, Bigcommerce etc. You can find a full list of the channels we are currently integrated with on your Dropship Town account dashboard. We plan on adding several new channels in the coming months ahead.

Automatic Real Time Product Updates
All of our tools and feeds are updated in real time so you know stock levels, pricing, product updates ect are available to you right away.

Control Over Your Automated Pricing
We include the item cost, shipping cost, marketplace fees & payment fees on every product, then we add a base 3% + $0.75 profit on every product, From there you can add any profit margin you would like for each supplier, This gives you flexibility over your pricing and the abililty to add different margins for different types of products.

Fast Bulk Product Processing
Our tools and feeds are very efficient allowing you to get hundreds or thousands of products listed on your channel very quickly and managed efficiently.

Product Filtering & Custom Block List
There may be some products that marketplaces like (ebay, amazon etc) will give you a violation or warning if you try to sell. We update our marketplace block list daily to do our best to keep you out of trouble. You will also have your own custom block list where you can add the products you choose so they don't get listed on eBay, Amazon etc.

Enterprise Level Technology
We have been building marketplace tools for nearly 20 years, and we stay very current with the changes so that our tools are very smart, yet very easy and simple to get started and use. This allows you to come in and select just a few or hundreds,, thousands, tens of thousands etc products in just a few clicks and push them wherever you want to send them.

Full Automation with Security
On qualifying channels such as eBay, Amazon etc you can take advantage of our ability to fully automate the transactions, from listing and managing the products, to monitoring your orders for fraud, placing the orders automatically if they pass your fraud filters, sending tracking back to ebay, Amazon etc automatically so you don't have to hover all day waiting for tracking and orders. When tracking is available everything will process automatically within minutes.



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