Hello everyone,

I am the type of person that can get to talking and turn this into a long book. I will say if any of you would like to call and discuss drop shipping further I will be happy to speak with you.

For those of you that think dropshipping is a waste of time, I am guessing you read it somewhere on the internet, or you tried it yourself and had a bad experience. Most drop shippers when they first start find out there are a handful of problems with drop shipping and many give up before they find out how profitable it can be.

Top five problems most dropshippers have or will face
  1. Keeping up with stock changes with the supplier.

  2. Figuring out how to correctly price their products so they don't lose money.

  3. Finding products that will actually sell in the marketplaces.

  4. Figuring out the rules and policies on the marketplaces before they get their account suspended

  5. Finding a drop shipper that works

Keeping up with stock changes with the supplier
Unfortunately, you will find that things aren't quite as easy as find a bunch of cool products, list them on your account and retire by Friday. There is nothing worse than being excited you just got an order, rush to your supplier and find out they are out of stock. And even worse, the marketplaces do not have a lot of patience for a bunch of canceled orders due to being out of stock. They will suspend/cancel your account if you get too many.

This is one of the things Dropship Town does, is we keep your inventory where you are selling in near real time sync with the supplier. If they run out of stock on something your tools will be updated within just a couple of minutes to remove the product(s) from stock, if there is information changes, price changes or image changes, these are also updated for you. If you ever attempted to do these things manually, you will find they are very time consuming, and that our tools will save you countless hours of time trying to create listings and keep them updated.

Figuring out how to correctly price their products so they don't lose money
This is a big one, nothing worse than getting paid, and then you go to purchase the product, pay for shipping, pay your marketplace fees to wherever you are selling them, paying paypal or the merchant account their cut for getting you the payment and then find you just lost money.

Our automated pricing system will look at all your overhead (costs), it will start with the item cost, it will then add the shipping cost, your marketplace fees (ebay, amazon, bonanza etc), your payment fees (paypal, merchant account etc), and then it adds your Base profit of 3% + $0.75. With our system you can leave it at the base profit we preset, or you can add any percentage amount to the base profit that you choose to make as much profit as you want per sale. So if you add 5% to the base profit (you can set a different profit margin for each supplier you activate), your profit on the order after all your expenses are paid will be 8% + $0.75 that goes to your pocket.

Finding products that will actually sell in the marketplaces
This is probably the most challenging for most drop shippers and where many give up. The problem is everyone going into the drop shipping business automatically thinks that no one else before them has found their supplier(s) or no one ever thought about selling the products from that supplier online. For the ones that think that, you have to change your way of thinking if you want to be successful. (I call being successful making a livable income)

Selling online is very very competitive. there are billions of websites online and 85% of those are drop shipping. That is a lot no matter how you look at it, some of them are making millions/billions and most of them are losing money. We may not be able to quickly make you millions, but you never know, give us time on that one. But I can tell you that we can easily get you into a high 5 or 6 figure income, we have done this for many customers over and over.

Dropshipping isn't about finding those few perfect items from the perfect supplier where you are going to be priced the lowest, and you sell everything you list every minute of the day. If you want this, you better have a lot of money to play with, because you are either going to have to buy enough inventory that you become the exclusive seller for some product(s), or you invent your own "hot" product and do not let anyone else sell it.

To be successful dropshipping, you really need to get as many products on as many channels as you can so people can buy them. If you don't have it for sale you definitely won't make money on it. Every supplier has their "Hot Items" that will sell quickly, and when you list all products from a supplier, you will also get their "Hot Items" and whenever they get new arrivals in, you want to get those listed too. Every group of new arrivals will have "Hot Items" included, but usually they will sell out quickly, which is why all the automation helps you get new products out there faster.

You won't be the cheapest on everything you put out there, but thats ok, think of it like this. Everytime you list all the products from a supplier, you will get some products where you will be the cheapest on and those will usually sell really fast, others that are priced really high may only sell once or twice a year, while others others are priced decent enough they will sell once or twice a month.

Definitely don't forget that most of the suppliers eventually will mark down the high priced items so they suddenly sell out really fast, and if you have it listed when they do, you will suddenly go from a stale item to a really popular one. When you have thousands of products listed and all selling in their own time, it really starts to add up, the problem is, most customers don't ever get this far to figure that part out.

Another big mistake I see, is customers that sell on marketplaces like eBay and Amazon want to just sell niche products, (a niche is a seller that only sells one type of product, Example: A headphone niche seller will only sell headphones and nothing else). There is nothing wrong with being a niche seller, but do that on a website, it makes more sense there. Customers aren't going to marketplaces like eBay or Amazon just because they know you have headphones for sale, they are going to find what they are looking for, if they are looking for headphones you may get a sale, but if they are looking for a toaster you will not get a sale. Why pass up sales on all the other products considering there are already customers there looking for other items.

Figuring out the rules and policies on the marketplaces before they get their account suspended
Every year, the marketplaces add more and more rules, usually putting things more and more in favor of the buyers, which I can understand to a point, but unfortunately the number of rules on marketplaces are expansive like the library of congress for what you can and can't do. Fortunately for you, we stay up to date on the rules for all the marketplaces we support so that our tools won't get you into trouble as long as you don't wait weeks to fill your orders or answer your customer questions. Another words if you run your business professionally you will not have any problems.

Finding a drop shipper that works
In all my years, and all the suppliers I have dealt with in those years, I have never found a Wholesale Company, Distributor or Manufacturer that is 100% easy to work with. There is always something that makes working with them either difficult or complicated. But that is the point of Dropship Town, we are a one stop shop where you don't have to deal with all those suppliers individually or their quirks, and with the qualifications a supplier has to have to be on our website you can rest assured every one of them will make you money and you won't have to worry about the customers not getting what they paid for.

Our goal is for you to be successful drop shipping. You can rest assured we will be helpful, and we will be happy to talk to you to answer any questions you may have, we consider ourselves your business partner and our job as your partner is to make sure you are making money and things are going smoothly.

We wish all of you success, and hope you find Dropship Town to be your long term partner.