About Our Affiliate Program

Our affiliate program is a completely separate service from our dropshipping services and will not affect those services in any way. With our affiliate program you can advertise our subscriptions on your website, social site, blog, email or anywhere you feel you can get the word out to find customers that want to dropship.

We will pay you 25% of the subscription price for every new customer that you send to our site that purchases a subscription, we will also continue to pay you an additional 10% each time their subscription renews for up to 1 year from the date of the first order.

Get paid the following amounts every time a new customer you send subscribes:
$17.50 For each Full Access Monthly Subscription
$25.00 for Full Access with Website Monthly Subscription
$175.00 For each Full Access Yearly Subscription
$250.00 for Full Access with Website Yearly Subscription

How it Works

Sign up for our affiliate program either when you register for an account with Dropship Town or when you .

Use any of the following resources from your affiliate account (link located on left side of your Dropship Town account dashboard)

Referral Code Your customer would need to enter in your referral code when they register for an account on our website.
Banner Image You can download a banner image you can place wherever you would like, when your customer clicks on the link it will automatically assign that customer to your affiliate account.
Social Share Tool Use our tool to share and post your referral link and share our website with your followers on your social account(s).
Referral Link You can copy your referral link and paste it anywhere you would like, when your customer clicks on the link it will automatically assign that customer to your affiliate account.
Connect Your Website You can use our website integration tool located on your Dropship Town account dashboard to connect your website which will automatically assign all customers sent from your website to your affiliate account.

Your customer purchases any of our monthly or annual subscriptions and you get paid.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much can I make?
Payouts are limited to $10,000 per day.

What payment methods can I choose from to get paid?
We can pay you your earnings via Paypal, Zelle or we can add the funds to your Dropship Town account so that you can use the funds to place your drop ship orders.

When do I get paid?
Monthly Subscriptions
If your customer purchased a monthly subscription your earnings are added to your account once the customer has kept the subscription active for a full monthly billing cycle without canceling. You are paid the day their second billing cycle starts (as soon as their payment for it is received).

Annual Subscriptions
If your customer purchased an annual subscription your earnings are added to your account once the order is 61 days old as long as the order was never refunded.

Does my account balance have to reach a certain amount before I can request a withdrawl?
Yes, you can make a withdrawl request whenever your balance reaches $50 dollars or more

Will I be able to track the customers I send?
Yes, you will be able to view real time reports on your dashboard that will show how many visitors you have sent to our site, if any of them purchased a subscription, and what your earnings are.

Can I automate my withdrawls?
Yes, you can set your account to automatically transfer your money to you via the method you select whenever your balance reaches the amount you set. You will be able to manage these settings from your dashboard.

How long does my customer have to make a purchase so that I am credited for the referral?
We will track the customer you referred for up to 30 days, if they do not subscribe to one of our plans in that time the customers referral token will expire and you will not get credit, unless they enter in your unique referral ID (located on your account dashboard) when they register.

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