Cold Steel Gim Sword 30.00 in Blade

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There are two basic types of straight bladed swords used in China. One is fairly long and heavy known as the Wu Jian or "Martial Sword". The other is substantially lighter and called a Wen Jian or "Scholar's Sword" and was primarily carried for personal self defense. After studying books and video tapes on the history and use of both weapons, we have decided to make our own battle worthy Gim (Wu Jian) for serious collectors and practitioners of Chinese Martial Arts. The blade of the Gim is made out of 1055 Carbon steel and measures 30" long by 11/8" wide. For cutting and slashing, both edges are quite sharp and they terminate in a strong, useful point for stabbing.

Blade length: 30.00 in

Overall length: 37.25 in

Blade material: 1060

Handle material: Rosewood

Comes complete with a Wooden sheath

Weight: 2 lbs. 4.0 oz

Blade finish: Satin

Additional Info
UPC Code 0705442003977
Package Includes Cold Steel Gim Sword 30.00 in Blade
Condition Description This product is brand new and sealed.
Model Number 88G
Warranty 1 Year Warranty
Return Policy This product may be returned within 30 days for a replacement or refund. Any physical damage must be reported within 14 days of delivery.
MAP Price (do not advertise for less) $0.00
Package Height (inches) 40
Package Length (inches) 4.5
Package Width (inches) 2.5
Weight (lbs) 3.9500
Ship From Zip Code 63026
Shipping Cost $9.13
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