Blue Guard Innovations DC Clutch Pump Switch

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DC Clutch Pump Switch for BG-SW &amp BG-SWA

The BG-SWCL, in combination with either a BG-SW or a BG-SWA, is designed to control a DC clutch pump. The BG-SWCL has no moving parts and uses two integrated sensors to reliably detect liquid in the bilge. Having no moving parts that can be jammed or damaged, the solid-state BG-SWCL is built to outlast all the mechanical float switches on the market today. The BG-SWCL is CE and ISO 8846 Marine Ignition Protection Certified, tested to ABYC1500 standards. Patented technology.

How It Works

Two Blue Guard switches are required to control a DC clutch pump. By utilizing two switches mounted at different levels allows precise control on when to switch ON and OFF the pump. The &lsquoupper&rsquo switch can either be a BG-SW or a BG-SWA. The BG-SWA includes an integrated high water alarm. The &lsquolower&rsquo switch is the BG-SWCL. The BG-SWCL cannot be used by itself. During automatic operation, the DC clutch is not activated until liquid reaches the upper BG-SW/BG-SWA. The pump will not be switched OFF until the lower BG-SWCL stops detecting the presence of liquid. The BG-SWCL can be tested and its status can be viewed using the BGI Config App, which can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play. The App is used on a mobile device with Bluetooth to wirelessly connect to the BG-SWCL device. The App will report the input voltage level, output current, and system temperature. It also allows changing the name of the device for easy identification and testing the device.


With IP-68 rated durability, the BG-SWCL is made with rugged, non-corrosive ABS plastic. The sensor comes with a heavy-duty mounting bracket to attach to a bulkhead or frame with #8x0.75&rdquo 316 stainless steel screws. Heavy-duty 14 gauge marine grade wires connect the BG-SWCL to the DC clutch pump and the BG-JBox (Junction Box) that should be mounted high on a bulkhead, keeping the connections dry and reliable. The BG-SWCL has two integrated sensors to ensure a reliable and accurate detection.


  • Max current: 20 amps
  • 2 integrated sensors - solid-state with no moving parts or mechanical float switches that can easily be damaged
  • Solid state bilge pump switch rated for up to 20 amp bilge pumps
  • Integrated Bluetooth connectivity- connects to the BGI Config App available on IOS and Android devices
  • Detachable mounting bracket
  • CE and ISO 8846 Marine Ignition Protection Certified


  • Operating Voltage: 12 or 24 Vdc
  • Operating Temperature Range with Full Functionality: 32F -158F&nbsp
  • Operating Temperature Range: -22F - 185F
  • Four Wire System: Heavy-duty 14 gauge marine grade wires, 6ft long
  • IP-68 Rated Durability: Rugged, non-corrosive ABS plastic housing and mounting bracket
  • Compact Size: Without Mounting Bracket- 4.6in D x 2in H / With Mounting Bracket- 5.9in L x 4.6in W x 2.0 in H
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